The lead up to 1939 evacuation

As the 1939 Register is now part of subscriptions to Findmypast from today I thought this article about evacuation from Manchester would be a useful reminder that London was not the only city to have evacuees.

In 1939, there were 190,000 children and priority adults within the area of Manchester that would be at risk of air raids upon the outset of World War Two. By April of 1939 therefore, meetings had taken place within Manchester (and across the UK) between teachers and parents, in which they discussed the impending situation in an attempt to make progress as early as possible. A report published in November 1939 entitled: Manchester Interim Report to the Education Committee and the Emergency Committee of the City Council concluded that these meetings had a very positive outcome: 71,00 schoolchildren, 58,000 preschool children and 4,000 expectant mothers within Manchester completed registration forms soon after April, whilst reception areas for those living in Stratford and Salford had been completed with 179,000 billets allocated.

The reception areas that residents were evacuated to included the following:

  • Lancashire
  • Derbyshire
  • Staffordshire
  • Shropshire

Teacher leading evacuees 1939 Note the armlets on theā€¦

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