Members research – ALBERT DAVIS PREBBLE Stockbroker and Sportsman

This is the first in a series of stories associated with our members’ research – contributed by Sandra.

Albert Davis PrebbleWas born on 23 October 1873 in London and educated at Kings College.  A stockbroker by profession his sporting activities were all carried out in his spare time and initially he devoted his leisure time to lawn tennis.

He first played badminton at Crystal Palace in 1901/2 but by 1903 he was recognised as a very good player.  His rise to fame in the game of badminton was in fact very rapid and in February 1903 he was selected to captain England against Ireland in Dublin.

During his ten years of serious badminton competition he appeared for England five times.  He also won the All England men’s doubles in 1904, 1907 and 1909 (each time with a different partner) and won the mixed doubles in 1909.

He was very involved in the sport’s administration and was elected to the Committee of the Badminton Association of England and served continuously for 43 years.  He was honorary referee at many tournaments.

In lawn tennis he reached the final of the mixed doubles at Wimbledon on four occasions and won in 1909.  He represented England in the teams that toured Russia and South Africa and in 1913 won the men’s doubles in the Russian Open.  He was captain of the British Davis Cup team six times in all and was honorary secretary of the Kent Lawn Tennis Club for 21 years.

He died on 27 August 1946 in Eastbourne after a long illness.